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Wealth Check up at Wealthron - Rewriting Money Beliefs

Do you know where we get out money beliefs from ❓ While growing up as kids we learn from our family, friends and all those around us. What we hear our parents say about money, what we learn from say about money 💸 .

Did your parents talk about money to you❓ My dad taught my elder sister and me about savings and investments. I grew up seeing him invest his money in different asset classes - stocks, insurance, PPF etc. He would say, 'You have to save and invest'. One of my money belief is, 'I have to save and invest.'

A lot of feelings, thoughts 💭 and strong emotions are around money beliefs. Often the beliefs are blurred or hidden in our mind - they are often like our blind spots.  A financial coach helps one revisit their childhood experiences.

As kids 🚸 with the limited knowledge we have, we process everything around us. It’s important to re-evaluate our money beliefs as grown-ups.

And to align them to our financial goals. Our money beliefs have to work in our favor and not against us. 😊

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