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Wealth Check Up at Wealthron - 2

- Chaitali Shah

If you have identified your hidden money beliefs, it’s time for you to evaluate whether they are working in your favor or against you. Some money belief helps us to achieve our goals and few works as speed breakers or dead ends.

From the book 'Financial Planning 3.0' by Richard B. Wagner -

‘Money’s mastery became a 🕰 21st Century survival tool for individuals, businesses and governments of all sizes.’

That statement is so true ✔ , everyone has to work to increase ⬆ their income atleast enough to beat the inflation. And to retain the value of savings, they have to grow their portfolios higher 📈 than the inflation. If not the value of the money/purchasing power of money falls ⬇ .

Let’s evaluate one common money belief that I come across often.

‘Money is the root of all the evil’ 👿

Can an inanimate thing be evil by itself ❓ Money is created by humans. Money just amplifies a person’s true nature. A generous person will donate more, a miser will hoard more and an evil person will harm more and so on.

According to me, money by itself can’t be evil.

When one believes that Money is the root of all evil, will one work towards earning it more or avoiding it ❓ Do you want to continue holding on to this belief or letting it go ❓ We do have to make a conscious choice.

Pick one of the money belief you have listed last week and evaluate it. You can share it in the comments, to discuss it further.

One of my money belief is, ‘Money is means to an end, not an end in itself.’

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